Flash Fiction Challenge #4

Now we’re really cooking on gas…

50 words please. FIFTY words only.

Your prompt? I only had one pair of …

Points to remember –

Make every word count. Carefully chosen details can convey more than long descriptions. Make your title pull its weight!

Post your piece with title and your name/pen name in the comments section

If you would like to offer feedback to other writer’s – do so respectfully.

Make sure I can contact you at the end of the challenge if you’d like your work promoted here.

Deadline for posts is the 26th of JUNE



    I only had one pair of revolutionaries cojones. I broke into the palace and flopped them out for the queen. Convinced, she mobilised the Horseguards and swords drawn, we marched on Downing Street. I had one fear; that after the killing I might not manage to disappear into mysterious legend.

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  2. Konstantina Sozou-Kyrkou says:

    I only had one pair of pyjamas when I met you. At first the zipper buzzed its way up and down like a jolly bee, but as my hair grew longer, it caught it in and hurt to untangle.
    ‘You should cut your hair. Split ends weaken it,’ you said. I just bought a new pair without the zipper.

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  3. Alexandros Zochios says:

    I only had one pair of socks from you, a welcoming gift to our new house. After I’d put it in the washing machine, one of them disappeared. Have you ever wondered where lost socks go? I’ve kept that washing machine. Just in case it appears again, missing its half.

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  4. Different kind of pasta

    by Stavroula Sanida

    I had only one pair of breasts, tiny like mini farfalle. Another woman had a pair of juicy thighs stuffed like cannelloni. The one who was approaching reminded me of spaghetti number 3. If you could see us now in the swimmng pool, you would say we are all delicious.

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  5. heidijames says:

    Socks as metaphor for a love affair, Balls to the establishment, feminist pyjamas and sensual spaghetti! Brilliant!!

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  6. Voula Hourdaki says:

    The Enemy

    I only had one pair of black heels.
    Long. Sharp.
    I only had one mask.
    Velvet. Eye-less.
    I only had two hearts.
    One white. One black.
    I only had one mirror.
    It revealed the Enemy on my 19th birthday.
    Black heels. Velvet mask. Two hearts.
    Quite recognizable:

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