The Sound Mirror

2020. Bluemoose Books

‘The Sound Mirror by Heidi James has just the right mix of dark and light, of reveal and conceal. Slick, agile, powerful and brilliant.’ Sara Baume

BM Sound Mirror 1-5

Tamara is going to kill her mother, but she isn’t a monster. She just has to finish what began at birth and put an end to the damage encoded in her blood.

Quitting her job in Communications, Tamara dresses carefully and hires a car to visit her mother for the last time. Accompanied by a chorus of ancestors, she is harried by voices from the past and the future that reveal the secrets of these women’s lives that continue to echo through her own. Is Tamara fated to make the same mistakes as her ancestors or can she break the cycle and lead her own life, and on her terms too?

The Sound Mirror is a haunting novel that avoids classification. Spanning three generations from British Occupied India to Southern England, Heidi James has crafted a moving examination of class, war, violence and shame from the rich details of ordinary lives.

The Sound Mirror was the Republic of Consciousness Prize book of the month.

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Very Different Writers, Uncanny Commonalities: On Lee Child and Heidi James

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2017. Bluemoose Books.


The Sunday Times Crime Book of the Month.


2014. Bluemoose Books.

Wounding cover

‘A beautiful, brutal novel.’ Byte the Book


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Published in Spanish by El Tercer Nombre


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2015. Neon Press. Winner of The Saboteur Award for Best Novella 2015.


‘Convincing the gentle reader to empathize with an unreliable narrator is no easy writing accomplishment but Ms James pulls it off with aplomb with her fascinatingly jumbled and distorted descriptions of the world as seen through the eyes of a mentally deranged young woman narrating her childhood memories.’ – ‘Heidi James has the ability to write prose that cuts through to the essence of the human spirit, that takes one on a ride into the unknown, with a mastery of the written word.’ – ‘Feminist fiction at it’s finest’

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