Flash Feature…Stavroula Sanida

Stray verbal bullet (response to the 25 word challenge) Clarity in need. ‘He cheated on me. How is this possible?’. ‘I told you so!’. Four words you should never say… About the Author I am a psychologist, certified cognitive behavioural therapist and functional analytic therapist working in private practice since 2006 in Athens, Greece. IContinue reading “Flash Feature…Stavroula Sanida”

Flash Feature…Alexandros Zochios

Missing (response to the 50 word challenge) I only had one pair of socks from you, a welcoming gift to our new house. After I’d put it in the washing machine, one of them disappeared. Have you ever wondered where lost socks go? I’ve kept that washing machine. Just in case it appears again, missingContinue reading “Flash Feature…Alexandros Zochios”

Flash Features…Matthew Beswick

Safety (response to the 250 word challenge) No one should be this happy in the club, with their mother. It wasn’t always this way. When he came out there were tears and harsh words. She told him she didn’t want him to go to hell. It hurt a lot when she said that. But they’veContinue reading “Flash Features…Matthew Beswick”

Flash Features… Ford Dagenham

Please Keep Me (response to the 500 word challenge) She travelled alone and she travelled light.  Anything she had left behind she didn’t need any more.  She had her memories and her scars.  And she had hope.  Her feet hurt her at every step but walking was the only way. She stuck to the backContinue reading “Flash Features… Ford Dagenham”