Flash Fiction Challenge #5

You’ve made it to the end of our challenge… How are you doing? Nailed it? Let’s see…

25 words please. TWENTY FIVE words only.

Your prompt? Four words you should never say…

Points to remember –

Make every word count. Carefully chosen details can convey more than long descriptions. Make your title pull its weight!

Post your piece with title and your name/pen name in the comments section

If you would like to offer feedback to other writer’s – do so respectfully.

Make sure I can contact you at the end of the challenge if you’d like your work promoted here.

Deadline for posts is the 28th of June


  1. Four words you should never say to your mum: You are being hysterical. She knows it and doesn’t give a fuck.
    Four words you should never say to your husband: You’re just like him. He means your Brad Pitt look-alike son and you mean your bulldog.
    Five words you should never say to your dad: Mum says you’re the boss. It’s decided. You won’t be going to the party.

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    Peggy glowed with health, lips a permanent smug smile. Pregnant; finally.

    I leaned forward, ‘What if it’s triplets?’

    Her face drops in comical shock.

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  3. Stray verbal bullet
    by Stavroula Sanida

    Clarity in need.
    ‘He cheated on me. How is this possible?’.
    ‘I told you so!’.

    Four words you should never say…

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  4. Alexandros Zochios says:

    One rule

    The Sky, its Sun, the stars and sea are the four words you should never say. Otherwise, you will be thrown outside as punishment.

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  5. heidijames says:

    Wow… These are incredible, and proof that in the right hands, a magical story can be told with few words. Thank you for sharing these


  6. Voula Hourdaki says:

    The Getaway

    Four words you should never say:

    it’s now or never.

    He pulled the trigger of the 2.22 he was holding against his head.


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