Flash Feature…Stavroula Sanida

Stray verbal bullet

(response to the 25 word challenge)

Clarity in need.
‘He cheated on me. How is this possible?’.
‘I told you so!’.
Four words you should never say…

About the Author


I am a psychologist, certified cognitive behavioural therapist and functional analytic therapist working in private practice since 2006 in Athens, Greece. I like being creative in therapy and I use story writing as an evocative tool for my clients. I have presented Story Writing in Psychotherapy at conferences and led according workshops.

Holding a black belt in kick boxing and attending contemporary dance lessons for six years led me to be more resilient, to keep on fighting for my goals and gain more self knowledge.

Writing stories is a passion of mine and an inspirational refuge during stormy times.

Interacting with authentic people fuels my energy.

Professional website: http://www.mental-health.gr/

Blog: psypath.blogspot.com


(For me this perfectly illustrates those hurtful conversations that do more harm than we realise… in only 22 words! HJ)

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