The Saboteur Awards 2015

The Mesmerist’s Daughter has been shortlisted for the Saboteur Novella Award! If you liked what you read and are so inclined, you can vote here:

It’s a fantastic shortlist, with some brilliant books so a privilege to be included. Fingers crossed!


  1. Dear Heidi, I’ve just ordered ‘TheMesmerist Daughter,’ which I’m much looking forward to reading. I have actually been meaning to contact you to thank you for yr essay ‘Speaking the Unspeakable” which I came across in 3am last year. And, I ended up quoting it in an essay I wrote for EROS journal issue 5. In fact I probably also owe you an apology for not letting you know this before, but I was just writing against time and then forgot – seeing Neon’s post about “The Mesmerist’s Daughter” on my FB timeline jolted my memory. So I hope you will accept my hearfelt thanks, as i found it a v helpful and inspiring piece.


    1. heidijames says:

      Hi Karen, I’m happy to hear the essay was inspiring. Great to hear from you and thank you. Heidi


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