Flash Features… Konstantina Sozou-Kyrkou

No Way

(response to the 100 word challenge)

‘You? Married? No way! You’ve always been such a loner,’ Tonia said, gaping at Magda’s wedding ring.

Magda squinted at the picture Tonia stuck under her nose and said, ‘Such beautiful girls! Who do they take after?’

‘Me, of course. We never tell Giannis though. That would ruffle his feathers.’ She tore a piece out of her paper shopping bag and scribbled something on it. ‘Why don’t you come over to our place one day? How about this Sunday?


‘Come on! It’s now or never. Sunday at eight. Here, call me.’

Magda couldn’t remember the last thing said but when she got home and glimpsed at Tonia’s number: Melissia, Northern Attica, the other end, she chucked the paper deep into a kitchen drawer.

About the Author


Konstantina Sozou-Kyrkou lives in Athens, Greece but writes in English. She holds a BA(Hons) in Literature and an MA in Creative Writing from Lancaster University. Her stories have appeared in print and online in several literary magazines. Her first short story collection entitled ‘Black Greek Coffee’ is available from Amazon.

(Konstantina hits home and hits hard with her stories… she gets under the skin of those mundane encounters that forge (and scar) our lives with incisive skill, HJ)

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  1. J says:

    That’s good. Gets you wanting more. Was Magda really married or just wearing a ring to make it look so? Was she jealous of Tonia’s kids? Or was Tonia’s cutting ‘such a loner’ a clue to Magda being an outsider in the girls’ group? Great!


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