An extract from WOUNDING…A sneak peek for you, Happy Valentine’s Day! x

I walked you home, side by side. I still hadnt touched you, not even a brush of fingers. My whole body seemed to vibrate with the intensity of being near you. I felt like we werent just two individuals walking along, but like some kind of energy connected us, that we were set apart from everyone and everything around us. I asked you where you grew up and went to school. You looked up at me and said, Nowhere special. like that was enough of an answer. And you just stood there, looking up at me. Whilst my fingers played with the cold, sharp weight of my keys, wondering if now was the time to kiss you. Like comedy, timing is everything for the first kiss. I didnt want to mess it up. I wanted to impress you, to impress myself on you. A car crawled past us, its music blaring out. I let it pass. You cleared your throat and looked down at your feet. I stepped forwards, took my hands from my pockets and with my hands around your waist, pulled you towards me. You were perfect. You tipped up your face and waited as I bent to your lips.