A Poem…

For My Son, Walking Home from School Alone for the First Time. 18th June 2014



Today the boy will walk home alone

Here begins the shock of dissolving

The mother glue

The boy whose body I protected


Defended from suggestions to


Held fast despite dire predictions

Then born, waxed like an apple

Squalling and strong

For 11 years the instinct

Gut pure and keen-bladed

Parrying snarks and criticisms

Of too boisterous, too clinging, too big, too small

That sticky hand, those sharp little teeth, curls and sturdy feet

Is almost as tall as me

Has moods, his own tastes and opinions

Is kind and thoughtful


And has decided he’d like to walk home alone

Today begins the slow shock of dissolving

The mother glue

Reduced to enquiring about quantities of food ingested, sleep clocked, happiness enjoyed

Momentous though no bells ring

Only an ache and the skin crawl dread of knives, bad men, the stampede of traffic

Sudden loss.




Still harvesting the apples in our back garden reminded me of this….


Climbing autumn fences

Barbed and berried

Looking out for the farmer

And the cool snout

Of his shotgun. Spitting pellets of old metal that catch a goodun

In your slow arse

Creep over to the trees

The orchard a neat system of lines

Regimental one by one

We pick as many as we can carry, thick-skinned apples

Hammocked in our jumpers

Inside out bellies

Running the mile back to the estate,

Past the infant school, the offie, the corner shop

The gavvers in their car,

Dad in the pub

Over the train tracks, electric braces

Rigid current all the way to France

You live in the Garden of England

They tell us

Dickens the Romans Thomas a Becket William the Conquerer Anne Boleyn Churchill Darwin

All that history, them books

We keep running.

Poem maker gift…

A little poem gift for you guys… a poem maker x

Just print, cut out and fold following the instructions (borrowed from Wikipedia) and collaborate with me in making poems, allowing the different combinations to produce many poems.

  1. Turn the paper word side down. The four corners of the square are folded into the center, forming a shape known in origami terminology as a blintz base or cushion fold.[6] The resulting smaller square is turned over, and the four corners are folded in a second time.
  2. All four corners are folded up so that the points meet in the middle, and the player works their fingers into the pockets of paper in each of the four corners.
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