Thoughts please…

So, the flash fiction challenge has finished having had some amazing (and I don’t say that lightly) stories shared with us all.

My questions are – was it helpful sparking inspiration? Did you enjoy it? Did enjoy reading the pieces?

And the main one – Shall we do it again soon? Different prompts etc?

Look out for the final pieces from the flash fiction challenge over the next few days. I’ll be featuring a chosen story and author from each of the challenges. You won’t be disappointed!

Have a good’un x


  1. Konstantina4 says:

    I enjoyed it immensely as the whole project spurred me into action while I marveled at all the wonderful pieces the other writers produced. Please do it again or I will lapse into indolence again. Thanks again for being so encouraging and energetic.


    1. heidijames says:

      Great! will do!


  2. Dear Heidi,

    I enjoyed playing the challenges game! It was the perfect chance to get more inspired. Thank you from my heart for your authenticity and your support! Looking forward to more games in the future šŸ˜‰


    1. heidijames says:

      Fantastic! Thank you for participating


  3. Voula Hourdaki says:

    I really enjoyed the whole process and got really inspired by you, Heidi, as a wonderful instructor, as well as by the other writers whose stories got me hooked. Hope to do it again, soon. Lovin’ this idea of a private little writers’ club!

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  4. I found it really useful to think of new ideas and ways of looking at things. The other entries were great to read and see what different perspectives everyone has.


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